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Recent advances in copper chalcogenides for CO<sub>2</sub> electroreduction

  • Hu, Wenjian;
  • Grandjean, Didier; 56775;
  • Vaes, Jan;
  • Pant, Deepak;
  • Janssens, Ewald; 34400;
Publication Date
Nov 22, 2023
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Transforming CO2 through electrochemical methods into useful chemicals and energy sources may contribute to solutions for global energy and ecological challenges. Copper chalcogenides exhibit unique properties that make them potential catalysts for CO2 electroreduction. In this review, we provide an overview and comment on the latest advances made in the synthesis, characterization, and performance of copper chalcogenide materials for CO2 electroreduction, focusing on the work of the last five years. Strategies to boost their performance can be classified in three groups: (1) structural and compositional tuning, (2) leveraging on heterostructures and hybrid materials, and (3) optimizing size and morphology. Despite overall progress, concerns about selectivity and stability persist and require further investigation. This review outlines future directions for developing the next-generation of copper chalcogenide materials, emphasizing on rational design and advanced characterization techniques for efficient and selective CO2 electroreduction. / status: published

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