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Reanalysis of the (J = 5) state at 592 keV in 180Ta and its role in the neutrino-process nucleosynthesis of 180Ta in supernovae

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.82.058801
arXiv ID: 1012.5701
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We analyze the production and freeze-out of the isomer 180Tam in the neutrino-process. We consider the influence of a possible low-lying intermediate (J = 5) state at 592 keV using a transition width estimated from the measured half-life. This more realistic width is much smaller than the previous estimate.We find that the 592-keV state leads only to a small reduction of the residual isomer population ratio from the previous result; that is, considering this better estimate for the transition width, the isomer population ratio changes from R = 0.39 to R = 0.38, whereas previously it was estimated that this transition could reduce the ratio to R = 0.18. This finding strengthens the evidence that 138La and 180Ta are coproduced by neutrino nucleosynthesis with an electron neutrino temperature of kT~4 MeV.

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