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Reactivation-dependent amnesia for contextual fear memories in rodents: Assessment of publication bias

  • Schroyens, Natalie; 98433;
  • Sigwald, Eric;
  • Van Den Noortgate, Wim; 6844;
  • Beckers, Tom; 5902;
  • Luyten, Laura; 56402;
Publication Date
May 11, 2020
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Research on memory reconsolidation has been booming in the last two decades, with numerous high-impact publications reporting promising amnestic interventions in rodents and humans. However, our own recently- published failed replication attempts of reactivation-dependent amnesia for fear memories in rats suggest that such amnestic effects are not always readily found and that they depend on subtle and possibly uncontrollable parameters. The discrepancy between our observations and published studies in rodents suggests that the literature in this field might be biased. The aim of the current study is to gauge the presence of publication bias in a well-delineated part of the reconsolidation literature. To this end, we will perform a systematic review of the literature on reactivation-dependent amnesia for contextual fear memories in rodents, followed by a statistical assessment of publication bias in this sample. In addition, relevant researchers will be contacted for unpublished results, which will be included in the current manuscript. The manuscript was approved in the form of a Registered Report at eNeuro. / status: Published online

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