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Rapporteringen som reser sig ur askan : En kvalitativ innehållsanalys av hur de svenska koranbränningarna gestaltas i Dagens Nyheter jämfört med Al Arabiya. / The media coverage that rises from the ashes : A qualitative content analysis of how the Koran burnings in Sweden are depicted in Dagens Nyheter compared to Al Arabiya.

  • Vallin, Emma
  • Lagerwall, Sonja
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2024
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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The freedom of speech, caricatures and satire, bans on veils and burning of the Koran have been reported and portrayed in different ways in several news media. The aim of this study was to analyze how the burnings of the Koran in Sweden are portrayed in Swedish media (Dagens Nyheter) compared to English-language Arabic media (Al Arabiya). With the framing theory and postcolonial theory as a theoretical basis, we asked the following research questions: What themes can be found in the reporting of the Koran burning in Dagens Nyheter and Al Arabyia? How is Sweden represented in the various news media? The analysis method we have used is qualitative thematic analysis. In the analysis, four themes emerged: Sweden's image, freedom of speech and blasphemy, Koran burners and demonstrations. Based on a postcolonial-, orientalist-, and occidentalist approach the results show that there was often an “us and them” feeling from both sides. It may also depend on which media logic is used in the various media newsrooms and which audience the media outlets are targeting.

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