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Random copolymer of poly(polyethylene glycol methyl ether)methacrylate as tunable transition temperature solid-solid phase change material for thermal energy storage

  • Khomein, P
  • Nallapaneni, A
  • Lau, J
  • Lilley, D
  • Zhu, C
  • Kaur, S
  • Prasher, R
  • Liu, G
Publication Date
Jun 15, 2021
eScholarship - University of California
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Polymer based phase change materials (PCM) for thermal energy storage (TES) applications have gained some attention recently due to their high stability and potential solid to solid phase transition. Here, we are the first to utilize a simple copolymerization strategy for static tunability transition temperature (Tt) of polymeric PCM. The copolymerization between short and long side chain polyethylene glycol based methacrylate polymers was designed to tune Tt with minimum impact on their energy density. Polarized optical microscope and x-ray techniques were also used to understand the relationship between crystal structure and Tt of different copolymer composition which was discussed in the context. The solid to solid transition polymeric PCM were successfully developed with tunable Tt ranged from 18 °C to 35 °C which is suitable toward building envelop applications.

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