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Raman scattering detection of stacking faults in free-standing cubic-SiC epilayer

  • xing-fang), xf liu (liu
  • guo-sheng), gs sun (sun
  • jin-min), (li
  • yong-mei), ym zhao (zhao
  • jia-ye), (li
  • lei), l wang (wang
  • wan-shun), ws zhao (zhao
  • yi-ping), yp zeng (zeng
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2006
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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We report on stacking fault (SF) detection in free-standing cubic-SiC epilayer by the Raman measurements. The epilayer with enhanced SFs is heteroepitaxially grown by low pressure chemical vapour deposition on a Si(100) substrate and is released in KOH solution by micromechanical manufacture, on which the Raman measurements are performed in a back scattering geometry. The TO line of the Raman spectra is considerably broadened and distorted. We discuss the influence of SFs on the intensity profiles of TO mode by comparing our experimental data with the simulated results based on the Raman bond polarizability (BP) model in the framework of linear-chain concept. Good agreement with respect to the linewidth and disorder-induced peak shift is found by assuming the mean distance of the SFs to be 11 angstrom in the BP model.

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