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Quantum dash based photonic integrated circuits for optical telecommunications

  • Joshi, Siddharth
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Nov 05, 2014
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This PhD dissertation presents a study on the properties of the novel quantum dash nanostructures and their properties for application in optical telecommunications. Over the last decade, scientific community has gained considerable interest over these nanostructures and several demonstrations have been made on their interesting optical and electronic properties, notably owing to their strong quantum confinement. This dissertation focuses on conception, fabrication and system demonstration of integrated optical transmitters based on quantum dash material. A first part of this work analyses the properties of qdashes theoretically and experimentally for their use as an active material in directly modulated lasers. The dynamic properties of this material are then evaluated leading to an optical transmission distances in range of 0-100km under direct modulation. The transmission is particularly studied with a passive optical filter to enhance the dynamic extinction ratio, the use of such passive filters is studied in detail. An innovative and fully integrated optical transmitter is finally demonstrated by integrating a ring-resonator filter to a distributed feedback laser. The second part of this work focuses on mode locked lasers based on this material and in particular the methods of integration of such devices on InP are explored. Thus an innovative Bragg mirror design is developed leading to a mode locked laser integrated with a semiconductor optical amplifier

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