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The Quantization of constrained systems: From symplectic reduction to Rieffel induction

  • Landsman, N.P.
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Jan 01, 1996
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This is an introduction to the author's recent work on constrained systems. Firstly, a generalization of the Marsden-Weinstein reduction procedure in symplectic geometry is presented - this is a reformulation of ideas of Mikami-Weinstein and Xu. Secondly, it is shown how this procedure is quantized by Rieffel induction, a technique in operator algebra theory. The essential point is that a symplectic space with generalized moment map is quantized by a pre-(Hilbert) C~*-module. The connection with Dirac's constrained quantization method is explained. Three examples with a single constraint are discussed in some detail: the reduced space is either singular, or defined by a constraint with incomplete flow, or unproblematic but still interesting. In all cases, our quantization procedure may be carried out. Finally, we re-interpret and generalize Mackey's quantization on homogeneous spaces. This provides a double illustration of the connection between C~*-modules and the moment map.

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