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Quantitative Aspects of Inhibition of Virus Replication by Interferon in Chick Embryo Cell Cultures

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Hallum, J. V. (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.), and J. S. Youngner. Quantitative aspects of inhibition of virus replication by interferon in chick embryo cell cultures. J. Bacteriol. 92:1047–1050. 1966.—The effect of interferon on single cycles of replication of vesicular stomatitis virus and Mahoney poliovirus ribonucleic acid was studied in chick embryo cell cultures. The results showed that the titer of a given interferon preparation was independent of the input multiplicity of the challenge virus. In addition, the increase in virus yield with increasing virus challenge was a function of the number of infected cells, each of which yielded progeny at a level determined by the concentration of interferon to which the cells were exposed. These findings are not compatible with the concept that increases in the size of the virus challenge reverse or overcome protection of cells by interferon.


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