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The QCD and standard model working group: Summary report

  • Catani, S.
  • Dittmar, M.
  • Huston, J.
  • Soper, D.E.
  • Tapprogge, S.
  • Aurenche, P.
  • Balazs, C.
  • Ball, R.D.
  • Binoth, T.
  • Boos, E.
  • Collins, John C.
  • del Duca, V.
  • Fontannaz, M.
  • Frixione, S.
  • Guillet, J.P.
  • Heinrich, G.
  • Ilyin, V.
  • Kato, Y.
  • Odagiri, K.
  • Paige, F.
  • And 10 more
Publication Date
May 01, 2000
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The Les Houches Workshop on Physics at TeV Colliders took place from June 8-18, 1999. One of the three working groups at Les Houches concentrated on QCD issues, both at the Tevatron Collider and at the LHC. Besides the interest in QCD in its own right, QCD dynamics plays an important role in the production mechanisms for any new physics process that might be observed at either collider, as well as any processes that may form backgrounds to the new physics. This writeup serves both as a pedagogical overview of QCD as well as an update on the current status of the field.

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