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Public Services (Conditions of Service for Employees) (Amendment) Regulations, 1989 (No. 26 of 1989). [Selected provisions].

Published Article
Annual review of population law
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1989
PMID: 12344573


The Zimbabwe Public Service Regulations of 1989 specify the conditions of service for employees. Leave for maternity purposes mandates that the department head grant 90 days leave to a pregnant woman who has served as an employee for more than 1 year beginning no earlier than 45 days and no later than 21 days prior to the estimated date of confinement, provided that, if the baby arrives later than scheduled, the woman may be granted her accrued vacation leave or leave with pay. Before the start of the leave, or before the lapse of 21 days if the period of leave had commenced, the woman shall, following the birth, be permitted to take the full period of the leave for maternity purposes that she applied for it if she provides the Commission with a medical certificate to the effect that the birth was premature, and the Commission is satisfied that she is acting in good faith. The above leave period shall, at the woman's option, consist of 90 days' maternity leave without deduction from her annual or vacation leave, at 75% of her salary, not including allowances; or 60 days maternity leave without deduction from her annual or vacation leave and 30 days' accrued vacation leave or vacation leave in advance, on full pay. The woman shall be paid her normal pensionable and non-pensionable allowances and accrue vacation leave as part of her qualifying service. A department head, with the head of Ministry's approval, may require a pregnant women to cease work earlier if he considers this in the best interest of his office, and may request medical certificate on the woman's fitness. Leave shall not affect a woman's grade, salary, incremental date, conditions of service, seniority, or eligibility for advancement or promotion.

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