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Proton Polarization in the Si-28 (d,p)Si-29 Reaction

  • Maddox, W.E.
  • Kelley, C.T.
  • Miller, Daniel W.
Publication Date
Feb 01, 1970
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.1.476
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The polarizations of protons from the Si28(d, p)Si29 reactions leading to the ground state and the 1.28-, 2.03-, and 3.62-MeV excited states of Si29 have been measured over the range of laboratory angles from 30° to 147° at a bombarding deuteron energy of 10.8 MeV. A scattering-chamber-polarimeter assembly employing solid-state detectors was used to allow the measurements on all groups to be made simultaneously. To provide additional data for theoretical comparisons, the differential cross sections for the same reactions and for the elastic scattering of deuterons from Si28 have also been measured at the same bombarding energy. For the ln=0 ground-state reaction, the observed polarizations change rapidly from large negative to large positive values near the minima in the cross section at 50° and 90°. The 1.28-MeV excited-state reaction also shows large polarizations, but with no obvious relationship to variations in the cross section. Polarizations of protons corresponding to the 2.03- and 3.62-MeV excited states are smaller (between ±0.3) and appear to be uncorrelated with cross-section variations. Comparisons are made with published theoretical predictions where available.

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