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Proposing Urban Agroforestry Designs for Lincoln, Nebraska: A Model From Berlin, Germany

  • Johnson, Noah
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May 01, 2024
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
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Given the threat of a worsening climate crisis, there is a strong need for community and ecosystem resilience. Diverse urban agroforestry systems have the potential to accomplish both and meet many of the objectives outlined in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska’s climate action plan. Additionally, Berlin, Germany could provide an effective model for Lincoln in this regard given the city’s extensive history of established urban agroforestry systems. The objective of this study then is to develop a design for an urban agroforestry site modeled on Berlin’s allotment gardens and tailored to Lincoln’s needs. The methods for creating this design included analyzing aerial and ground photos of Berlin gardens for recurring elements as well as comparing lists of plants from iNaturalist between the two cities. These methods yielded a list of potential plants and elements of Berlin’s urban agroforestry systems that could be used in a design. Using the elements and plants identified in the methods section, a pilot design was then made for Lincoln showcasing how an urban agroforestry system could work within the city and meet the objectives outlined in the climate action plan.

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