Properties of OSB panels with veneer inclusion (AOP Paper)

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Properties of OSB panels with veneer inclusion (AOP Paper)

  • Rafael Farinassi Mendes
  • Antônia Amanda da Silva César
  • Marcela Gomes da Silva
  • Lourival Marin Mendes
  • Amélia Guimarães Carvalho


This work aimed to evaluate the effect of veneer inclusion with different wood species, and also different levels of pressing pressure applied in the moment of the veneer inclusion over physical mechanical properties of already consolidated OSB (Oriented Strand Board) panels. Treatments were arranged in factorial scheme 4 x 2 (four wood types for veneer inclusion – faveira, amapá, eucalypt and pines; and two pressing pressures – 1 and 2 MPa) and also a control (without veneer inclusion). Veneer inclusion was made with 180 phenol formaldehyde adhesive, in a simple glue line, perpendicular to the external layer of panels. The pressing cycle used was 150ºC for 4 minutes under pressure 1 or 2 MPa pressure depending on the pre-established treatment. It was possible to conclude that: 1) Veneer inclusion with pines, eucalypt and amapá promoted significant improvements for physical-mechanical properties of OSB panels, highlighting eucalypt and amapá; 2) There was not a significant effect of the level of pressing pressure over mechanical properties of OSB with veneer inclusion; and 3) Regarding physical properties, the highest pressure level (2 MPa) promoted a negative effect in some properties, while veneer inclusion the pressure of 1 MPa generally promoted significant improvement of all physical properties.

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