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Properties of GaAs single crystals grown by molecular beam epitaxy at low temperatures

  • chen, nf
  • hj, he
  • wang, yt
  • lin, ly
  • chinese, nf r chen
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Jan 01, 1997
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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Properties of GaAs single crystals grown at low temperatures by molecular beam epitaxy (LTMBE GaAs) have been studied. The results shaw that excessive arsenic atoms of about 10(20) cm(-3) exist in LTMBE GaAs in the form of arsenic interstitial couples, and cause the dilation in lattice parameter of LTMBE GaAs, The arsenic interstitial couples will be decomposed, and the excessive arsenic atoms will precipitate during the annealing above 300 degrees C. Arsenic precipitates accumulate in the junctions of epilayers with the increase in the temperature of annealing. The depletion regions caused by arsenic precipitates overlap each other in LTMBE GaAs, taking on the character of high resistivity, and the effects of backgating or sidegating are effectively restrained.

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