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Elektroniskt kungörande av författningar : en IT-politisk lösning ur ett användarperspektiv / Promulgation of Statutes on the Internet : an official IT policy solution from an end user’s perspective

  • Bergqvist, Anders
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Jan 01, 2013
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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This essay analyses the arguments of The Swedish Government Official Report 2008:88 which proposes that the Swedish law (SFS) should shift from promulgation in print to elec-tronic promulgation on a Website. I have studied two aspects of the arguments in the text. On the one hand, the Inquiry’s description of how things might become if their proposal becomes effectuated and, on the other hand, how the present situation is described in the text. The theory I have used is called A Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice, which pictures organizations as often irrational in dealing with problems, solutions and decision making. The chronological order is broken up and a solution to a problem often precedes the problem itself, the latter being so to speak ”picked up from the garbage can” and put on the agenda if proven adequate. The results of my analysis show that the ambition of the Inquiry has been to problematize the traditional way of promulgating the Swedish law in order to make a version on the Webb look more indispensable. Thus arguments in support of the reform have been drawn from the comparison rather than from the virtues of the reform itself.But even now, four years after the report was published, there is no sign of the proposal being taken further in the legislative process. My conclusion is that the committee report certainly proves that the Internet solution is possible but fails to show that it is appropriate. And was there a real problem to begin with? / Program: Bibliotekarie

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