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Promoter recognition by phage SP01-modified RNA polymerase.

  • C Talkington
  • J Pero
Publication Date
Mar 01, 1978
  • Biology


A modified form of Bacillus subtilis RNA polymerase containing a phage SP01-coded regulatory protein (the gene 28 product) selectively transcribes "middle" genes of the phage genome in vitro. In this paper, we identify a subset of restriction endonuclease fragments of SP01 DNA that promote specific transcription by the phage-modified polymerase. In the absence of nucleoside triphosphates, RNA polymerase containing the gene 28 protein selectively binds to these DNA fragments thereby forming stable binary complexes that can be isolated on nitrocellulose filters. In contrast, unmodified RNA polymerase containing sigma factor selectively binds to and transcribes a subset of phage DNA fragments that contain "early" sequences and that are in large part distinct from the fragments recognized by the phage-modified transcriptase. Our results strongly suggest that phage "early" and "middle" genes are transcribed from distinct promoters and that the RNA polymerase containing the gene 28 protein binds to sites that are located at or near promoters for SP01 "middle" genes.

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