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Progress and Perspectives of Hollow Multishelled Structures

  • Wang, Jiangyan
  • Yang, Mei
  • Wang, Dan
Publication Date
Mar 03, 2022
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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Comprehensive Summary Hollow multishelled structure (HoMS) has drawn tremendous attention due to its abundant attractive properties and promising applications. However, for a long time, the limited synthesis method hindered the development of HoMS. The sequential templating approach developed by our group, has greatly enriched its composition and structure diversity. The progress in HoMS synthesis promotes the discovery of its characteristics as well as widens its application area. Typically, the recently explored temporal-spatial ordering characteristic of HoMS has shown great promise in drug delivery and cascade catalysis application areas. Here, we summarize the current development progress of HoMS in the aspects of both synthesis and application, with a focus discussion on how to shape its application performance by manipulating its composition and structure features. In addition, we discuss the current challenges and provide the future potentials holding for HoMS. What is the most favorite and original chemistry developed in your research group? We established a general synthetic methodology to fabricate hollow multishelled structure (HoMS), that's sequential templating approach (STA). We also discovered the unique temporal-spatial ordered feature of HoMS, which makes HoMS indispensable choice for complex and important applications like cascade reaction, sequential wave absorption and sequential drug release, etc. How do you get into this specific field? Could you please share some experiences with our readers? I got into this specific field when I just started my research work at IPE, CAS. At that moment, the hollow structure is widely considered promising for electromagnetic wave-absorption. When I tried to develop a better structure, the Chinese puzzle ball caught my attention. This traditional Chinese artwork possesses some amazing characteristics desired for scientific study and practical application, including large surface area, hierarchical structure and multi-level pores. Inspired by this ornate artwork, we developed many materials analogous to "Chinese puzzle ball" in micro-nano meter size, namely hollow multishelled structure. I would like to share with our readers that good project comes from practice, while the achievement of goals needs a good imagination. What is the most important personality for scientific research? Curiosity, tenacity, creativity, hard-working and good at cooperation. What are your hobbies? What's your favorite book(s)? Watching sci-fi movies. And my favorite book is "Does God roll dice". How do you supervise your students? For the freshmen, the most important thing is practice as much as possible. Also, it's important to accept the guidance and advice of your supervisor with an open mind. While for the upperclassman, the most important thing is thinking more. Also, it is crucial to keep diligent at work, be good at discovering valuable research directions, have the courage to challenge and bring forth new ideas. How do you keep balance between research and family? Harmony in a family makes everything successful. Better manage your time, get support and understanding from your family and be able to respond immediately when needed. And be diligent at work.

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