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The profitability potential of black soldier fly (BSF) larvae raised on pig manure at farm level

  • Groeneveld, Ilse
  • Elissen, Hellen
  • van Rozen, Klaas
  • van der Weide, Rommie
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2021
Wageningen University and Researchcenter Publications
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As a growing demand for food and feed resources arises, alternative feed and food resources are sought to relieve pressures on the environment and existing food and feed resources. One alternative that has been given increasing interest is the application of black soldier fly (BSF) larvae to waste streams. In the context of the biobased economy, black soldier fly larvae convert waste streams into valuable insect biomass and organic fertilizer (frass). Applying black soldier fly larvae to manure has the potential to close loops within agri-food supply chains (Bortolini et al., 2020). This report explores the profitability potential of producing black soldier fly larvae on pig manure by individual pig farmers in the Netherlands. If profitable, producing black soldier fly larvae can diversify farmers’ income streams and help farmers to increase the circularity and sustainability of their business. However, while steps have been taken to broaden EU legislation with regards to black soldier fly larvae, it is currently not yet legal to produce and sell black soldier fly larvae raised on manure.

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