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Production of Bio-Based Gasoline by Noble-Metal-Catalyzed Hydrodeoxygenation of alpha-Angelica Lactone Derived Di/Trimers

  • Ayodele, Olubunmi O.
  • Dawodu, Folasegun A.
  • Yan, Dongxia
  • Dong, Huixian
  • Xin, Jiayu
  • Zhang, Suojiang
Publication Date
May 23, 2017
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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Conversion of biomass into a suitable fuel involves series of chemical transformation including C-C coupling and hydrodeoxygenation reactions. Here, we have employed coupling reaction to a biomass-derived angelica lactone in the presence of mild alkaline catalysts, K2CO3 to obtain dimers and trimers in appropriate quantities. Hydrodeoxygenation of these molecules over carbon-supported noble metal catalysts was performed. Subsequently, the effect of operating parameters such as hydrogen pressure, temperature and reaction time on the hydrodeoxygenation of di/trimers were fully optimized and liquids suitable for gasoline application were obtained. This process has the potential of scale-up since the raw materials can easily be obtained from freely available biomass and the technology involved in carbon-carbon coupling and hydrodeoxygenation is well known.

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