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Productie en bestemming van melk in Nederland 2. : een confrontatie van twee studies

  • Sevenster, J.
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Jan 01, 1953
Wageningen University and Researchcenter Publications
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Milk production is a very important part of Dutch agriculture. From the great interest in the factors that affect milk production and milk marketing, various important studies ensued about 1950. Sevenster compared the results of these studies. He gave some estimates for the milk consumption and production over a period of 10 years (1950-60). He found that the Netherlands had some advantages in the production of cheese and that the consumption of cheese was important for nutrition and national health; so he recommended increase in cheese production. Sevenster also found that production of butter was less profitable. These findings accorded with trends in Dutch agriculture. The capacity of the industry for cheese, condensed milk and milk powder expanded in that period especially on the sandy soils. It seemed desirable to promote this expansion to such an extent that butter production would become independent of seasonal fluctuations in milk production.

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