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A produção e circulação de saberes sobre o financiamento da educação no Brasil (1991-2005)

  • Yanaguita, Adriana Inácio
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Oct 14, 2008
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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This dissertation entitled, The Production and Circulation of Knowledge about the Financing of Education in Brazil (1991-2005), based on the ideas developed by Roger Chartier in the field of Cultural History, aimed to understand and analyze the production and circulation of knowledge about the financing of education, mainly from the teachers of teacher training courses. Thus, the study the conjunctures of the education field and the Brazilian publishing market and the books themselves on the theme that contributed to the delineation of this knowledge in the periods of 1991-1996 and 1997-2005. The analyses of these conjunctures were done through the investigation of the policies and legislation of education and through the study of the publishing market, and the analysis of the books was executed by the study of the aspects of their material. In the first period (1991-1996), the education field and the publishing market didn’t favor the production and circulation of knowledge about the financing of education elaborated by the teachers of teacher training courses and, consequently, this knowledge was identified in only 9 books of the first edition. Paradoxically, in the following period (1997-2005), having found favorable conditions in the education field and in the publishing market, the production and circulation of the knowledge concerning the financing of education had been expanded to reach 32 books. From the study of the material forms of these volumes, it was concluded that it is in the material of the books one can understand their meaning, since the explicit identification of the designation and classification of the texts is inserted within, in a way to create in relation to them reading expectations and anticipation of understanding.

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