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The process of recruitment and selection of employees in local government units

  • Borowski, Andrzej
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Sep 27, 2016
Repozytorium Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego (University of Lodz Repository)
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Nowadays, there is no doubt that it is the employees who determine the success of any organization, including (perhaps above all) such a special one as a local government unit. This conviction results in the key role attributed to the process of employee recruitment and selection. The aim of the article is to discuss a broad range of the ways of employee recruitment and selection and to present a specific case study of using available techniques in a local government unit. A comparative analysis of available techniques and their practical application will allow us to answer the question which of the available techniques of recruitment and selection can be used in local government units. The article will also provide a basis for further more extensive research and in-depth analyses.

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