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Probing new physics in electroweak penguins through B_d and B_s decays

  • Hofer, Lars
  • Scherer, Dominik
  • Vernazza, Leonardo
Publication Date
Jun 12, 2011
Submission Date
Apr 28, 2011
DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/335/1/012039
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An enhanced electroweak penguin amplitude due to the presence of unknown new physics can explain the discrepancies found between theory and experiment in the B -> pi K decays, in particular in A_CP(B^- -> pi^0 K^-) - A_CP(\bar{B}^0 -> pi^+ K^-), but the current precision of the theoretical and experimental results does not allow to draw a firm conclusion. We argue that the \bar{B}_s -> phi rho^0 and \bar{B}_s -> phi pi^0 decays offer an additional tool to investigate this possibility. These purely isospin-violating decays are dominated by electroweak penguins and we show that in presence of a new physics contribution their branching ratio can be enhanced by about an order of magnitude, without violating any constraints from other hadronic B decays. This makes them very interesting modes for LHCb and future B factories. In arXiv:1011.6319 we have performed both a model-independent analysis and a study within realistic New Physics models such as a modified-Z^0-penguin scenario, a model with an additional Z' boson and the MSSM. In this article we summarise the most important results of our study.

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