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PROBFIND: a computer program for selecting oligonucleotide probes from peptide sequences.

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  • Biology


Synthetic oligonucleotides have proven to be extremely useful probes for screening cDNA and genomic libraries. Selection of the appropriate probe can be more easily and accurately achieved with the use of the computer program PROBFIND. The user enters the amino acid sequence from a file or from the keyboard, selects the minimum length allowed for the probe and the maximum allowable degeneracy. The computer prints a list of the sequences of potential probes which meet these minimum specifications and the location of the corresponding sequence in the protein to the screen and to a file. The user may modify the specifications for length and degeneracy at any time during the output of data, which allows for rapid selection of the desired probe. The program is interactive, accepts any file format with only a single modification of the file, is written in BASIC, and requires less than 6 kbytes of memory. This makes the program easy to use and adaptable even to unsophisticated microcomputers.

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