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PRINTS prepares for the new millennium.

  • T K Attwood
  • D R Flower
  • A P Lewis
  • J E Mabey
  • S R Morgan
  • P Scordis
  • J N Selley
  • W Wright
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1999
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Design
  • Medicine


PRINTS is a diagnostic collection of protein fingerprints. Fingerprints exploit groups of motifs to build characteristic family signatures, offering improved diagnostic reliability over single-motif approaches by virtue of the mutual context provided by motif neighbours. Around 1000 fingerprints have now been created and stored in PRINTS. The September 1998 release (version 20.0), encodes approximately 5700 motifs, covering a range of globular and membrane proteins, modular polypeptides and so on. The database is accessible via the DbBrowser Web Server at /. In addition to supporting its continued growth, recent enhancements to the resource include a BLAST server, and more efficient fingerprint search software, with improved statistics for estimating the reliability of retrieved matches. Current efforts are focused on the design of more automated methods for database maintenance; implementation of an object-relational schema for efficient data management; and integration with PROSITE, profiles, Pfam and ProDom, as part of the international InterPro project, which aims to unify protein pattern databases and offer improved tools for genome analysis.

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