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The price you’re worth: A case-study of pricing in the TIC-market

  • Vinberg, Kasper
  • Lindstedt, Stefan
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Jan 01, 2020
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How to price your offering is one of the main managerial decision issues today and is alarmingly often not grounded in necessary market and cost research. Pricing is a complex topic, dependent on a multitude of internal and external factors, which makes pricing practice and strategy alignment even more difficult. As a simplifying measure, pricing practices are commonly categorized into three categories: cost-based, competition-based and value-based pricing, of which value-based pricing is considered the superior practice by scholars. Consequently, the issue of how to adopt value-based pricing and how to actually price according to value is pertinent and a main focus of this thesis. What comprises perceived customer value, how a firm creates and captures value, and how a firm chooses to formulate the customer value proposition in order to communicate the generated value are all questions that this thesis investigates and attempts to answer. Furthermore, the effects of the customer-supplier relationship on pricing and change management aspects of a transition to value-based pricing are also investigated and analyzed. In order to answer the research purpose and accompanying research questions, a qualitative single case-study was conducted. The case company was a leading company in the TIC-market, who just recently had started discussing implementing value-based pricing and was therefore deemed as an appropriate case for this study. Empirical data was gathered through semi-structured interviews with the employees as well as the customers of the case company. The analysis of the empirical data in conjunction with the theoretical framework led to a revised analytical model that attempts to explain the relations and correlations of the different concepts discussed in this thesis, as well as conclusions regarding the aforementioned research questions. This study concludes that the common value drivers are Quality, Delivery reliability, Delivery time, Price, Geographical location, Relationship and communication, Customization. Additionally, the study concludes that the alignment of pricing practice and strategy is heavily dependent on internal and external awareness, and it is of utmost importance for a firm engaging in value-based pricing to know not only their customer and market, but also their own capabilities and strengths. Regarding how to formulate the customer value proposition, the study concludes that it should be customized for the specific customer and have a resonating focus with elements of points of difference. Lastly, the study details the challenges that a firm transitioning to a value-based pricing practice might encounter, and the suggestive solutions to these obstacles.

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