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Presence of the Cyanogenic Glucoside Dhurrin in Isolated Vacuoles from Sorghum 1

  • James A. Saunders
  • Eric E. Conn
Publication Date
Feb 01, 1978


Large numbers of vacuoles (106-107) have been isolated from Sorghum bicolor protoplasts and analyzed for the cyanogenic glucoside dhurrin. Leaves from light-grown seedlings were incubated for 4 hours in 1.5% cellulysin and 0.5% macerase to yield mesophyll protoplasts which then were recovered by centrifugation, quantitated by a hemocytometer, and assayed for cyanogenic glucosides. Mature vacuoles, released from the protoplasts by osmotic shock, were purified on a discontinuous Ficoll gradient and monitored for intactness by their ability to maintain a slightly acid interior while suspended in an alkaline buffer as indicated by neutral red stain. Cyanide analysis of the protoplasts and the vacuoles obtained there from yielded equivalent values of 11 μmoles of cyanogenic glucoside dhurrin per 107 protoplasts or 107 vacuoles. This work supports an earlier study from this laboratory which demonstrated that the vacuole is the site of accumulation of the cyanogenic glucoside in Sorghum.

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