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Preparative Procedure for the Purification of Toxoids by Gel Filtration

  • William C. Latham
  • Christopher B. Michelsen
  • Geoffrey Edsall
Publication Date
May 01, 1967


Sephadex gel filtration can be employed as a preparative procedure for the purification of both tetanus and diphtheria toxoids. A toxoid purification sequence is described in the text. By utilizing the described methods and columns, up to 100,000 human doses of diphtheria toxoid could be processed in a single operation. The method has given an 80% yield of diphtheria toxoid with a purity of 1,900 Lf per mg of N. The analysis of the material by immunodiffusion tests showed that a marked increase in purity was achieved. Antigenicity tests demonstrated that there was no significant difference in antigenic potency between the parent toxoid and its purified fraction. Factors limiting the effective separation of tetanus toxoid by gel filtration are discussed. The construction of the columns used is described in detail, as well as packing procedures and column characteristics such as bed volume, void volume, sample size, and flow rate.

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