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Preparation of the regular polyhedral single-crystalline SrTiO3 particles with exposing different crystal facets

  • Jia, Qibo
  • Liu, Jian
  • Zhong, Li
  • Li, Yan
  • Duan, Dongping
Publication Date
Apr 01, 2021
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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Strontium titanate (SrTiO3) has risen and drawn more and more attention of the researchers duo to its excellent photocatalytic activity based on the anisotropic charge transport theory. In this work, we first produced the regular polyhedral single-crystalline SrTiO3 particles with multiple crystal facets exposing include the {1 0 0}, {1 1 0} and {1 1 1} by one-step hydrothermal method. This SrTiO3 exhibited improved photocatalytic activity compared with that only exposing {1 0 0} crystal facet. Simultaneously, the SrTiO3 crystal growing process had been discussed. The single-crystalline SrTiO3 particles may provide a new basic material for the SrTiO3 application in photocatalysis. (C) 2021 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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