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Predictions of the Constrained Exceptional Supersymmetric Standard Model

  • Athron, P.
  • King, S. F.
  • Miller, D. J.
  • Moretti, S.
  • Nevzorov, R.
Published Article
Publication Date
Oct 23, 2009
Submission Date
Jan 09, 2009
DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2009.10.051
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We discuss the predictions of a constrained version of the exceptional supersymmetric standard model (cE6SSM), based on a universal high energy soft scalar mass m_0, soft trilinear coupling A_0 and soft gaugino mass M_1/2. We predict a supersymmetry (SUSY) spectrum containing a light gluino, a light wino-like neutralino and chargino pair and a light bino-like neutralino, with other sparticle masses except the lighter stop being much heavier. In addition, the cE6SSM allows the possibility of light exotic colour triplet charge 1/3 fermions and scalars, leading to early exotic physics signals at the LHC. We focus on the possibility of a Z' gauge boson with mass close to 1 TeV, and low values of (m0,M_1/2), which would correspond to an LHC discovery using "first data", and propose a set of benchmark points to illustrate this.

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