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Power Thyristor Controller for Speed Control of DC Motor

  • Zapata, Alejandra
  • Boehme, Morgan Erich
  • Awidah, Abdullah Mohammed
  • Chalstrom, Payton Robert
Publication Date
Jun 01, 2023
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In this work, a Power Thyristor Controller for Speed Control of DC Motor has been developed with the purpose of replacing an existing simulation experiment, aiming to effectively implement the principle of learning by doing. The primary objective of the experiment setup is to illustrate the fundamental principles and operational mechanisms underlying the firing angle and controlled bridge rectifier. The new experiment is taking advantage of the existing FCRO4100 Single Phase Firing Board that was donated to the University by ENERPRO. The pre-programmed microcontroller is connected to the thyristor bridge rectifier that’s powered by 24VAC. Additionally, a DC motor will be connected to the output, which will give an engaging, tangible way of visualizing the output characteristics. The Firing Board is interfaced with a potentiometer that will allow students to adjust the firing angle and observe its effect on the output voltage and the motor. Although the setup is protected by plexiglass to ensure the safety of the students, there are still safety concerns regarding the high RPM motor. To restrict the motor to a safe speed, 6000 RPM, the internal potentiometer Span is adjusted to 35%, while Bias remains set at 100%. The motor speed restriction resulted in a 70% loss of resolution for the external potentiometer, limiting the firing angle swing to 20 degrees. Collecting experimental data becomes challenging as students need to rotate the knob by less than 1 degree for each data set. Despite multiple unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue by replacing the motor or the external potentiometer, there is still optimism regarding understanding the setup's behavior and successfully implementing this lab experiment in EE 410 Introduction to Power Electronics at Cal Poly.

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