Porous granules formation from oil crops by extrusion process: a theoretical perspective

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Porous granules formation from oil crops by extrusion process: a theoretical perspective

  • Meretukov, Zaur A.
  • Koshevoy, Evgeny P.
  • Shorstkii, Ivan A.
  • Okpala, Charles Odilichukwu R.
Published Article
EDP Sciences
Publication Date
Oct 12, 2021
DOI: 10.1051/ocl/2021032
EDP Sciences
  • Research Article
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The introduction of extruders, in particular how it works and its principles, must be started from the definition of the extrusion process, the description of its development and types, as well as its functions and advantages. In order to understand the process of extrusion technology, it is necessary to go into detailed descriptions and discussions together with theoretical insights of the subject. In the present article, we discuss a theoretical perspective of production of porous granules from oil crops by extrusion technology. Let’s divide this theoretical perspective into three steps. At first, we study the modeling of statics of oil crop mix compressibility together with carbon dioxide. At second, we study the heat exchange and phase transformation during the stroke of oil crop extruder filled with CO2. At third, we observe the deformation of the oil crops during the extrusion process. There is a probability that extrusion process of oil crop mix with the hard phase of carbon dioxide provides technological way that does not overheat the cellular structure. Potentially, the equation of Van der Waals is able to describe the change in volume of oil crops, which may be related with range of factors associated with volume expansion, calculated by equations as the expansion of granule material takes place at the outlet of extruder matrix. The extrusion processing of a mix of oil crops and carbon dioxide in hard phase at initial stage may likely occur as temperature declines. The resulting values show good compliance of theoretical results to experimental data on the example of coriander seeds.

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