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Pornografia de vingança: da vergonha à exposição positiva

  • Trindade, Lorena de Andrade
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Oct 24, 2017
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : This paper aims to evaluate the publishment of other people?s intimate images, without their awareness and/or consent. Such practice is known as revenge porn. This type of harassment happens mainly in cyberspace and affects mostly women. The consequences for the victims are significant and cause severe breaches in their social interactions. The definition of revenge porn as a crime is still being discussed in the brazilian judicial system. Therefore, this is a recent subject, upon which I propose an ethnographic approach through the observation and registry of one year of posting on For You, a Facebook page that offers a space for the victims to share their experiences, anonymously, with this kind of harassment. In the course of the analysis, I met women who have chosen to publicize the consequences of revenge porn in their lives. They adopted the non-anonymity as an instrument to pursue the punishment of the harassers, helping, guiding and collaborating with the other victims. In the analysis of the anonymous and non-anonymous speeches, I identified categories as "victim", "violence" and "guilt", over which I ponder, based on the concepts of stigma, honor and the moral economy. Furthermore, I analyse the role of victims and how their condition does not imply passivity. Finally, I examine the legal dispositions (based on the concept of judicialization), public and governmental initiatives to fight the revenge porn.

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