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Pore Structure of Graphdiyne: Design, Synthesis and Application

  • shuhui, zhan
  • yasong, zhao
  • nailiang, yang
  • dan, wang
Publication Date
Feb 10, 2021
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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As a new emerging carbon material, graphdiyne (GDY) presents abundant sub-nanoscale porous structure, special electronic properties, and can be achieved at relatively low temperature with a wet-chemical approach. Therefore, with those excellent properties, GDY has drawn great attentions in various research fields such as catalysis, energy conversion and storage. A prominent feature of GDY is its topologically ordered regular pore structures, while the bottom-up synthesis of GDY makes it structurally designable. In the past decade, a large number of experimental and theoretical researches have been carried out on its structure design, which reveals broad application prospects. Inspired by this, we systematically summarize the effects of monomers, catalysts, templates, and solvents on GDY' s porous structures and discuss its corresponding applications. We hope it will provide a guideline for the application-oriented design and synthesis of GDY with special pore structure. Finally, the challenges and opportunities brought by the design of porous structure of GDY are discussed, and the design of three-dimensional porous structure of GDY is prospected.

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