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Pop-up bibliotek : En del av folkbibliotekens marknadsföring? / Pop-up library : A way of marketing the public library?

  • Lannemyr, Ulrika
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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The purpose of this paper is to gain knowledge of the phenomenon of pop-up libraries and what image of pop-up libraries is produced in the media through content analysis of articles and notices in newspapers. Through the results of this analysis, I looked at how the pop-up library can be seen as marketing and what it is marketing for. The aim has also been to investigate whether it is possible to insert the pop-up library into a marketing model by professor E. Jerome McCarthy called 4P: product, price, place and promotion. The method chosen has included obtaining documents in the form of articles from the site ”Mediearkivet”. A content analysis has been carried out within a thematic framework based on the questions: what, where, how and why. The results of this study show the different ways in which the public library designs its pop-up library. A destinctive feature of the pop-up libraries is that there is a willingness among librarians to go outside the library’s walls, show what the public library has to offer and reach new potential borrowers. The result also show that the pop-up library can be seen, and often do so, as a way of marketing the public library. 4P is a model that can be used by pop-up libraries for marketing purpose with certain reservations. In the thesis I suggest that price should be removed in the model as pop-up libraries can not be seen as profit-making. I also suggest an adding of 2 P: person and physical evidence from Booms and Bitners 7P model.    

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