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Poetry in an expanded field: Franci Zagoričnik and Nina Dragičević

  • Đurić, Dubravka
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Apr 13, 2022
University of Ljubljana
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In this paper, I will explore the transformations of poetry that took place during two different historical moments: Cold War Europe and the age of globalisation. Franci Zagoričnik's visual poetry and Nina Dragičević's work with words, sounds and music will be discussed as examples. In his visual poetry (late 60s and 70s) during the time of socialist Yugoslavia, Zagoričnik used international poetry language in order to transcend the boundaries of national culture, which was considered a transgressive practice at that time. On the other hand, during the age of globalisation in independent Slovenia, Dragičević's poetry can be understood as part of a global performative turn. As a composer, sound artist and writer, she works with the rhythm of lines and with their oral interpretation. Their work will be discussed as symptomatic of the Slovene poetry scene, as well as in relation to global trends in poetry.

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