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Pós-graduação em Educação, grupos de pesquisa e a produção do conhecimento em administração educacional

  • Ortega, Fábio Silva
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Mar 03, 2017
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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The present study deals with the research groups in Educational Administration and the knowledge production of the leaders of these groups, between the years of 2008 to 2014. In this way, we seek to integrate in the wake of the studies that investigate the transformations of the postgraduate space and Of the production of knowledge in Education, precisely, in the field of Educational Administration. The literature in this area about the changes of theoretical and methodological paradigm in the 1980s and 1990s, which indicates a break with the research that was referenced in the General Theory of Administration, led us to investigate the changes made in the scientific discourses produced and The social space in which they are produced, distributed and consumed. Thus, we analyzed the material and objective conditions that engendered the research groups of this area and their respective scientific production. In order to carry out this central objective, we seek: to review, in the literature, the history of the postgraduate and the emergence of the research groups in it; Tracing the constituent elements of the research groups registered in the CNPq, and more specifically, analyzing the groups of the Educational Administration. Concomitantly, we locate the different types of research that approach the analysis of theoretical production in the area of Education, demarcating the theoretical differences, and the constitutive approaches of these researches with which we develop. Next, we present the theoreticalmethodological debate that we extracted from the interface of the authors used with the object that we analyzed. The analysis of the journals of the leaders of the research groups was presented based on their quantitative and qualitative data, aiming to present a general framework of the identified sampling, starting from the analysis of 153 abstracts; And later the full analysis of 46 articles. These data were extracted from the survey of the research groups and the leaders of this theoretical field, linked to CNPq and analyzed with the theoretical and methodological contributions of the Fairclough (2001) Texturized Speech Analysis (ADTO), Bourdieu's social field theory (1983, 2004, 2007) and the philosophy of language Bakhtin / Volochínov (2012) and Mediévidév (2012). In all, 66 research groups and 46 articles were analyzed, due to thematic and temporal impertinence. The results of this study point to significant changes in the ideological production of group leaders, in the themes addressed, in the methodologies and in the approaches used. We identified five approaches to Educational Administration: sociological, political, business, phenomenological and organizational. Predominate in the theoretical production the investigations of the relations of power in the school, focusing the action of its subjects. It was possible to verify the presence of the business logic in the management of scientific knowledge impacting the theoretical production, modifying the conditions of production of the scientific educational knowledge, when the quantitative criterion prevails in the evaluation of the postgraduate programs.

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