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'PlasmaPac-RF' - plasma-sterilisation of polymer packaging materials by radio frequency plasmas Final report / Grundlegende Erforschung plasmagestuetzter Verfahren zur Entkeimung von Packstoffen fuer Lebensmittel. Teilvorhaben: 'PlasmaPac-RF' Plasmaentkeimung von Packstoffen aus Kunststoff durch Radiofrequenz-Plasma Abschlussbericht

  • Feichtinger, J.
  • Rauschnabel, J.
  • Bosch (R.) GmbH, Gerlingen (Germany)
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2003
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Present status: The currently used sterilisation-methods for the sterilisation of packaging material are based on the oxidation of the spores (by e.g. hydrogenperoxyde) and or thermal destruction of the spores (by dry air (300 C) or hot steam). Reason / objective of the investigation: Mainly the needed high temperatures, safety and environmental aspects of the state-of-the-art sterilisation methods are the reason why alternatives are needed. The main objective of the project was to demonstrate that the plasma treatment is able to sterilise the packaging material and in a second step to investigate if the relevant properties of the packaging material are affected. Method: The Robert Bosch GmbH concentrated in its part of the project on the investigation of capacitively and inductively coupled low-pressure radio-frequency plasmas ('RF' 13,56 MHz). Result: With the inductively coupled RF-plasma source very short treatment times <10s were able to reduce the test-spores by 5 to 6 orders of magnitude. The VUV-light emitted by the plasma was identified to be the main spore killing mechanism. The study of the packaging material lad to negative changes of relevant properties in some cases. Conclusions / application possibilities: It could be proved that plasma-sterilisation is a real alternative to the state-of-the-art sterilisation methods. The compatibility with relevant packaging parameters and the technical implementation has to be investigated separately for different applications. (orig.) / Available from TIB Hannover: F03B1267 / FIZ - Fachinformationszzentrum Karlsruhe / TIB - Technische Informationsbibliothek / SIGLE / Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung, Berlin (Germany) / DE / Germany

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