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Pin/hole joint construction and laminate therefor:

  • Labordus, M.
  • Van Tooren, M.J.L.
  • De Graaf, T.J.M.
Publication Date
Oct 07, 2004
TU Delft Repository
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A pin/hole joint construction in a laminate (1) comprises layers (9) of fibres and resin bonded to one another. At least one hole (2) extends transversely completely through the layers in the laminate, in which hole a pin (3) is accommodated that bears against the inner surface of the hole for transferring forces between the laminate and the pin. In the laminate a first region (13) is defined in which the layers are directly on top of one another and a second region (14) in which at least one reinforcing layer (5) is provided that is bonded to the adjacent layers of fibres and resin, in which second region the at least one hole is located. All layers of fibres and resin are continued into the second region.

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