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Photoluminescence energy and fine structure splitting in single quantum dots by uniaxial stress

  • Dou, XM
  • Sun, BQ
  • Wang, BR
  • Ma, SS
  • Zhou, R
  • Huang, SS
  • Ni, HQ
  • Niu, ZC
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2008
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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We report a photoluminescence (PL) energy red-shift of single quantum dots (QDs) by applying an in-plane compressive uniaxial stress along the [110] direction at a liquid nitrogen temperature. Uniaxial stress has an effect not only on the confinement potential in the growth direction which results in the PL shift, but also on the cylindrical symmetry of QDs which can be reflected by the change of the full width at half maximum of PL peak. This implies that uniaxial stress has an important role in tuning PL energy and fine structure splitting of QDs.

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