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Phenomenology of the polarized cross-sections of the rho meson leptoproduction at high energy

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  • [Phys.Hphe] Physics [Physics]/High Energy Physics - Phenomenology [Hep-Ph]
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We present a model for the polarized cross-sections of the hard diffractive leptoproduction of rho meson in the high energy limit. Our model is based on the light-cone collinear factorization of the virtual photon to rho meson impact factor when using the impact factor representation of the helicity amplitudes of the rho meson leptoproduction. This gauge invariant treatment when expressed in impact parameter space, leads to the factorization on one hand of the color dipole scattering amplitude and on the other hand of the distribution amplitudes of the rho meson up to twist 2 and 3. We show that the results of this approach are in good agreement with HERA data for virtualities above ~5 GeV^2.

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