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Pharmacokinetics and safety of OBI-1, a recombinant B domain-deleted porcine factor VIII, in subjects with haemophilia A.

  • Kempton, C L
  • Abshire, T C
  • Deveras, R A
  • Hoots, W K
  • Gill, J C
  • Kessler, C M
  • Key, N S
  • Konkle, B A
  • Kuriakose, P
  • Macfarlane, D E
  • Bergman, G
Published Article
Haemophilia : the official journal of the World Federation of Hemophilia
Publication Date
Sep 01, 2012
DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2516.2012.02789.x
PMID: 22512291


OBI-1 is a recombinant B-domain deleted porcine factor VIII (FVIII). FVIII treatment in those with haemophilia A may be complicated by the development of anti-FVIII antibodies (inhibitors) leading to a failure to respond to treatment with human FVIII. To compare the pharmacokinetics and safety of a single dose of OBI-1 with Hyate:C in subjects with haemophilia A and inhibitors, subjects were randomized to receive either Hyate:C followed by placebo or placebo followed by OBI-1 in a double-blind fashion. FVIII levels were assayed using both a one-stage coagulation assay (OSCA) and chromogenic assay. Pharmacokinetic parameters for FVIII were calculated for 6/9 subjects randomized; in three subjects baseline anti-porcine FVIII inhibitors led to a lack of measurable FVIII activity. Mean C(max) appeared higher for OBI-1 (OSCA: 176.00 U dL(-1), standard deviation ± 88.00; chromogenic: 151.00 ± 31.51 U dL(-1)) than Hyate:C (OSCA: 82.3 ± 19.22 U dL(-1); chromogenic: 52.67 ± 13.8 U dL(-1)). Mean AUC also appeared higher for OBI-1 (OSCA: 2082.87 ± 1323.43 U h(-1) dL(-1) ; chromogenic: 1817.28 ± 625.14 U h(-1) dL(-1)) than Hyate:C (OSCA: 1177.8 ± 469.49 U h(-1) dL(-1); chromogenic: 707.61 ± 420.05 U h(-1) dL(-1)). Two infusion-related events occurred: one with Hyate:C, one with placebo. Four of five subjects without anti-porcine FVIII inhibitors at baseline remained porcine FVIII inhibitor negative 29 days after infusion. A single dose of OBI-1 appears to have higher bioavailability than Hyate:C in subjects with haemophilia A without measurable anti-porcine FVIII inhibitors, and is well tolerated. These results should be confirmed in a larger phase 2/3 study.


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