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Perturbative Solutions of the Extended Constraint Equations in General Relativity

  • Butscher, Adrian
Published Article
Publication Date
Sep 08, 2006
Submission Date
Nov 11, 2002
DOI: 10.1007/s00220-007-0204-8
arXiv ID: gr-qc/0211037
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The extended constraint equations arise as a special case of the conformal constraint equations that are satisfied by an initial data hypersurface $Z$ in an asymptotically simple spacetime satisfying the vacuum conformal Einstein equations developed by H. Friedrich. The extended constraint equations consist of a quasi-linear system of partial differential equations for the induced metric, the second fundamental form and two other tensorial quantities defined on $Z$, and are equivalent to the usual constraint equations that $Z$ satisfies as a spacelike hypersurface in a spacetime satisfying Einstein's vacuum equation. This article develops a method for finding perturbative, asymptotically flat solutions of the extended constraint equations in a neighbourhood of the flat solution on Euclidean space. This method is fundamentally different from the `classical' method of Lichnerowicz and York that is used to solve the usual constraint equations.


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