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Performance analysis of auxiliary entrainment ejector used in multi-evaporator refrigeration system

  • Li, Shengyu
  • Lu, Jun
  • Yan, Jia
  • Hu, Yafei
Publication Date
Jul 01, 2022
GuangZhou Institute of Energy Conversion
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In this paper, a numerical method is used to maximize the performance of an auxiliary entrainment ejector used in multi-evaporator refrigeration system developed for refrigerated trucks in tropical and humid climates. The Computational Fluid Dynamics model based on the previous study is developed to discuss the effects of key design parameters of an auxiliary entrainment ejector. The simulation model is validated against experimental data of an R134a test rig. The numerical models agree fairly well with the experiments. In order to maximize the efficiency of the auxiliary inlet, the diffuser angle is considered critically. The influence of diffuser angle on the optimal position and angle of the auxiliary inlet is then discussed. As well, the effect of secondary flow and auxiliary flow at varying temperatures on the efficiency of auxiliary entrainment ejector is analyzed. The main results are given as follows: (1) optimal auxiliary inlet position as well as angle and entrainment ratio depend on diffuser angle, and optimum parameters combination (length ratio of 1.9, inlet angle of 45 degrees, and diffuser angle of 4 degrees) of the new-type ejector exists; (2) with the secondary flow working temperature of -10 degrees C, the entrainment ratio reaches its maximum value of 0.658, and the corresponding entrainment ratio at secondary inlet is 2.60; (3) the auxiliary entrainment ejector can only function if the auxiliary flow working temperature is between -30 degrees C to-22 degrees C; (4) it is best to connect the secondary inlet to the medium temperature evaporator, with the auxiliary inlet to the low temperature evaporator, when using the secondary and auxiliary inlet connections to separate evaporators with varied operating temperatures.

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