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Pequenas ações podem mudar o mundo: transformações e ecovilas

  • Cabrera, Magali López
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Nov 14, 2017
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : This thesis presents, problematizes and analyzes an ethnographic course and its unfoldings in the form of an "anthropology of the course", following the subjects and categories to understand the motives and situations that conditioned the courses. Considering practices, life trajectories, daily life and relationships established, from the permanence and displacements of the researcher during the fieldwork, it was sought to understand among other things, how concepts such as ecovillage and spirituality were presented, performed and signified in praxis in the networks and localities in which they are inserted. In this way, it presents ethnographies of the National Meeting of Alternative Communities (ENCA), from five sites indicated in a preliminary survey as "ecovillages", an event of agro-ecological family farmers and an event linked to social entrepreneurship. It emphasizes the notion of "world transformation" in these circuits in which subjects act in what could be called "micropolitics" manifested mainly through the dissemination of subjectivities that seek to differentiate themselves from those considered as hegemonic, proposing "new" ethical relations and behaviors. This involves the circulation of the subjects in the different spaces where they transit, also including "the market". In this course we could see the relevance of the notion of transformation, and thus also find different motivations for this idea. In this sequence, some questions were posed, such as "distinctions" or recurrences in the notions of ecovillage, sustainability, religion, spirituality, pointing to the difficulty and insufficiency to generalize, to seek and to assume common denominators in categories that are versatile. Highlighting what I presented as singular spiritualities, oriented to the spiritual practices and particular subjectivities.

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