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Pelas mãos de Wilhelm Reich: emancipação, corpo e clínica

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Repositório Institucional UNESP
  • Reich, Wilhelm 1897-1957
  • Psicanalise
  • Ciências Sociais
  • Psychoanalysis
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The present study proposes the notion of human emancipation as an axis around which the ideas that constitute the fabric of the plural work of Wilhelm Reich are developed, permeating both the exercise of his clinical therapeutic work as well as his theoretical production. Based on the author's works and their unfolding in contemporary psychological practice, my goal is to understand “if” and “how” Reichian clinical practice, through therapeutic work and relationship can engender more emancipated modi vivendi. In this sense, the body and bodywork appear as privileged instances of the development of emancipating subjectivation processes and practices. Through empirical research, I basically intend to observe if in Reichian and neo-Reichian clinical practice, in view of the analytical material of corporal psychotherapy itself, there are questions concerning the broad issue of human emancipation, constantly present in Reich's reflections though terminologically not in the same manner

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