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Parametric instability in periodically perturbed dynamos

  • Giesecke, André
  • Stefani, Frank
  • Herault, Johann
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Jan 01, 0022
Kaleidoscope Open Archive
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We examine kinematic dynamo action driven by an axisymmetric large-scale flow that is superimposed with an azimuthally propagating non-axisymmetric perturbation with a frequency ω. Although we apply a rather simple large-scale velocity field, our simulations exhibit a complex behavior with oscillating and azimuthally drifting eigenmodes as well as stationary regimes. Within these non-oscillating regimes we find parametric resonances characterized by a considerable enhancement of dynamo action and by a locking of the phase of the magnetic field to the pattern of the perturbation. We find an approximate fulfillment of the relationship between the resonant frequency ω res of the excitation and the eigenfrequency ω 0 of the undisturbed system given by ω res = 2ω 0 , which is known from paradigmatic rotating mechanical systems and our prior study [Giesecke et al., Phys. Rev. E, 86, 066303 (2012)]. We find further, broader, regimes with weaker enhancement of the growth rates but without phase locking. However, this amplification regime arises only in case of a basic (i.e., unperturbed) state consisting of several different eigenmodes with rather close growth rates. Qualitatively, these observations can be explained in terms of a simple low-dimensional model for the magnetic field amplitude that is derived using Floquet theory. The observed phenomena may be of fundamental importance in planetary dynamo models with the base flow being disturbed by periodic external forces like precession or tides and for the realization of dynamo action under laboratory conditions where imposed perturbations with the appropriate frequency might facilitate the occurrence of dynamo action.

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