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On packet marking and Markov modeling for IP Traceback: A deep probabilistic and stochastic analysis

  • Fazio, Peppino
  • Tropea, Mauro
  • Vozňák, Miroslav
  • De Rango, Floriano
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2020
[email protected]ŠB-TUO


From many years, the methods to defend against Denial of Service attacks have been very attractive from different point of views, although network security is a large and very complex topic. Different techniques have been proposed and so-called packet marking and IP tracing procedures have especially demonstrated a good capacity to face different malicious attacks. While host-based DoS attacks are more easily traced and managed, network-based DoS attacks are a more challenging threat. In this paper, we discuss a powerful aspect of the IP traceback method, which allows a router to mark and add information to attack packets on the basis of a fixed probability value. We propose a potential method for modeling the classic probabilistic packet marking algorithm as Markov chains, allowing a closed form to be obtained for evaluating the correct number of received marked packets in order to build a meaningful attack graph and analyze how marking routers must behave to minimize the overall overhead. / Web of Science / 182 / art. no. 107464

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