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"Pântanos de relações e colchões de cumplicidade": academia e conjugalidade na perspectiva de quatro mulheres intelectuais

  • Moraes, Fernanda Azeredo de
Publication Date
Oct 26, 2012
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Intellectual paths among women: academia and conjugality from four perspectives Things that are closer to us may often evade from our anthropological outlook, either for their complexity or for their "plainness". Thus this dissertation focuses, trough the lifes and narratives of four intelectual women from the field of human sciences, married with intelectual partners, how academia and conjugality combine throughout their careers. As we follow their testimonies and life stories important questions related to gender studies and studies of the intellectual milieu arise: what are the terms for the output of women academics in Brazil along the last 50 years? What are the conjugality patterns that emerge within these life stories? Here I take the time to reflect about the conditions for female intellectual labor, conjugality in middle class and highly educated environments, everyday life and academic competition, marital naming and renaming and its relations with the prosecution of an authorial work. Lastly, this enterprise falls into a strand of feminist studies which seeks to acknowledge intellectual and professional stories of women, as to propose to our canonical histories new lineages and possibilities of filiation.

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